15 Hottest Summer Nail Trends.

Summer is fast approaching, and we've picked our top must-try shades!  The warmer months are a time to explore vibrant colors and soft feminine shades. 

1. Fiery Red

2. Shades of Green

Minty green, spearmint or vibrant mint will definitely give you that summer feeling. 

3. Vibrant Yellow

Few colors can make a statement in the way that the vibrant yellow "happy" color can.

4. Candy Pink

A feminine shade for a soft yet colorful touch. 

White nail polish is timeless and classic, and suitable for all occasions. 


6. Shades of Blue

Go crazy with different shades of Blues!

7. Sunset Orange

Orange is associated with warmth, sunshine, and creativity!

8. The Rainbow

Why pick one color when you can have them all? Paint each finger with a different color for some fun.

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